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English accountants in Paris

James Howes & Co is one of a very small number of accountancy firms which are qualified to practise in both England and France.

As a general practice firm we provide a wide range of tax-related services to our clients. Our speciality is to act for English-speaking individuals and families who need advice on how to buy properties in France or the tax consequences of coming to live in France permanently.

Whilst there are, to be sure, many purely French accounting firms who employ partners and staff with a good grasp of English, or even employ British nationals, it is much rarer to find a firm which, by its ethos and the educational background of its founder and staff, can properly be called an English firm in France. James Howes & Co is different in this respect from virtually all other accountancy firms in Paris.

Why is this of interest? Well, private clients especially find it very useful to be able to speak to accountants who understand the problems that confront them in France as well as being able to relate to the British tax and commercial background from which the client is coming. Dealing with British chartered accountants who are also proud to be qualified in France is stimulating and productive and helps to avoid the misunderstandings which all too often occur because of the language barrier or the culture gap between our two countries.

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Oct 20, 2017

The draft Finance Bill 2018 (projet de loi de finances 2018) has been announced and includes measures which will affect clients of James Howes & Co.

Jun 23, 2017

Technical Update - (Revised May 2017 - Benefits in kind (avantages en nature) of company cars in France

May 5, 2017

The 2017 edition of our annual summary of French tax rates and other useful information has now been published.

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